Resin & Metal 3D Printing

Digitally manufactured dental appliances are becoming more and more popular in dental industry in all over the world. MJ Dental Laboratory is one of the facilities to quickly adapt 3D technology in fabricating dentures, splints, and other dental appliances.

What is Metal 3D Printing?


The technology which works on the principle of laser fusion. In other words, metal dust is fused with laser technology which builds a tiny layer by layer until the desired shape is created. The most complex and extraordinary parts can be built from chrome cobalt or titanium metal dust using 3D printing technology.

What is the difference between Metal Casting and Metal 3D Printing?


Casting technology have been used long before 3D printing came out. The manufacturing process involves a lot of manual work and is usually done by hand, which is time consuming and human error can occur. Unlike casting, 3D printing allows creating more complicated and highly detailed designs that wouldn’t be possible with any other technology due to the limitations of the traditional manufacturing processes.

Metal 3D Printed appliances can be:


  • Full or partial dentures
  • Chrome Frameworks
  • Herbst
  • Lingual Arch
  • M.E.
  • Space Maintainer
  • TPA
  • Other
Why choose Metal 3D Printed dental appliances?


Digitally made metal appliances let dentists to provide the service for patients more efficiently. The result can be designed beforehand and is predictable before it’s made, allowing the dentists and patients see the final product and possibly know the cost.

This method offers precision, better accuracy, consistency, and high-quality product. Fewer patient dental visits are required over the period, which benefit both dentists and patients.

What is the Process?


The 3D printing technology is a half side of the whole process, the design phase is a critical factor that ensures the final product will be the most accurate and precise as it should be.

MJ Dental Laboratory has gained the experience in designing and producing digitally made dental devices over the last years, therefore we are confident in offering precise and well-made 3D printed metal dental appliances.

We accept digital scans that you can upload on our website using our system with integrated lab form for details. Click here to upload your case.