NOX Splints

NOX is a custom-designed and made occlusal splint which protects patient’s teeth and jaw joint. Its purpose is to stabilise tooth occlusions, relief of the TMJ, comfort the chewing muscles and finally prevent the abrasion of teeth in cases of bruxism.

About NOX Splints


Bruxism, clenching, TMJ pain and other similar problems can cause dramatic long-term consequences for patients. With multiple reasons the occlusal splint therapy became a hot topic over the number of years.

MJ Dental Lab NOX Michigan splints for upper and lower jaws are the splints we are proud of. Our conventional or digital splints require non to very minimal adjustment and are very comfortable appliances for patients. All splints are available with or without canine guidance. Digital splints are available milled or 3D printed. All are perfect fit.

Conventional Splints


Full Hard Michigan

Hard/Soft Michigan

Full Soft

Anterior Mini Splint


Digital Splints


3D Digital Michigan

Damon Splint

Anterior Mini Splint



The Challenge

One of the major challenges is designing a splint that accurately fits, is not too bulky, protects the teeth, and is comfortable for patients to wear long term.


Our Promise

Using only the best materials, we can manufacture the appliance and ensure the fit, comfort, and longevity of custom devices.

Our Used Materials


At MJ Dental Lab we manufacture digital splints using KeyStone Industries KeySplint Soft material with Asiga 3D Printer and design on 3Shape. We have chosen this type of material because we believe it’s the best in the industry. 3D printed splints are flexible yet tough devices, without brittleness and ensure 100% fit. At body temperature are more pliable and as a result become more comfortable to wear and yet maintain their shape for years.

Conventional splints are made from Erkodent thermoplastic, creating a flexible and accurate fit for patient comfort.