MJ Lab is skilled in the manufacture of orthodontic appliances, including Hawley, Essix, Expanders, Williams, Schwartz and more. Each of our appliances is artistically created with the attention to detail and precision.



The Hawley retainer is the most popular removable final retention appliance. Colour designs and decals are often incorporated into the final appliance. Many variations of the Hawley exist. The basic Hawley consists of Adams clasps on the first molars and a tightly adapted labial bow. MJ Lab uses the highest quality acrylic and monomers greatly reducing appliance breakage. Acrylic is held to a minimum and polished to a smooth finish. Patients can choose from a variety of colours and designs.

Wrap Around / Begg


The Wrap Around Hawley is often the alternative when occlusal interferences exist with a traditional Hawley retainer or when a settling in effect is desired. The wrap around design eliminates occlusal interferences or opening interproximal contacts. This design is often the second-choice retention appliance due to the long span of the labial arch wire. The great distance between supports leaves the labial wire susceptible to distortions if the patient uses the wire to remove the appliance. Patients should be instructed to “scoop” the appliance out from the palate with their thumb or index finger.

Spring Hawley Retainer


Spring Hawley Retainers are used to correct cases with rotated and/or tipped teeth, and minor anterior relapse cases. Clinicians who encounter anterior crowding resulting from a patient’s failure to wear their original retainers may turn toward a spring retainer. Up to 1 mm anterior correction may be achieved with the Spring Hawley Retainer. Before fabricating the appliance, MJ Lab resets the model teeth into an ideal position. Often interproximal reduction must occur to achieve necessary space. The clinician should not be alarmed if upon delivery of the appliance it does not sit well in the patient’s mouth. As the “spring” design corrects the rotations, the appliance will sit in a stable manner. After the corrections have occurred, the appliance may be worn as a final retainer.



It is a popular choice for those who want an invisible wearable. The thermo formed retainer can be made with 0.8mm, 1mm or 1.5mm material.





Wilson 3D Lingual Arch – The Wilson 3D Lingual Arch is a popular versatile modular appliance. In addition to gaining mandibular anchorage the 3D lingual arch is great for molar tip, torque and rotation. It may also be used to increase arch length, buccal expansion, and molar distalization. The Wilson 3D fits into vertical slots on the lingual of the first molars. The vertical slots allow for quick and easy adjustments throughout treatment.


Williams Expander – The Williams Expander is a fixed appliance used to develop the upper arch. As the appliance expands, the NiTi wire travels forward within the lingual tubing, initiating anterior rotation corrections.


Rapid Palatal Expander – The Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE) is a popular orthopaedic appliance used to separate the mid palatal suture. Rapid expansion is obtained over a two-to-three-week period by means of turning the expansion screw once a day. This can only be done when the patient is still growing, or surgery is involved to separate the two halves of the mid palatal suture.


Snap Fit RPE – The Snap Fit RPE is a great option for doctor’s that don’t want to place bands for patients. This appliance uses all stainless-steel framework that wraps around the molars and primary molars or bicuspids.



Schwartz – The Schwarz is a popular removable orthopaedic appliance available for both the upper and lower arches. The Upper Schwarz can be used to obtain rapid or slow palatal expansion.


Nord – The Nord Crossbite is an upper unilateral expansion appliance. It is designed with occlusal pads on both sides and acrylic phalange that anchors against the lingual side that does not need development.


3 Way Schwartz – The 3-Way Schwarz is the fixed version of the Barrel Fixed 3-Way. It is a great solution for patients in need of arch length and transverse development.


Twin Block – The Removable Twin Block is a proven appliance with the ability to advance the mandible in skeletal Class II patients. The Twin Block can be fabricated with variations that will expand either arch transversely or correct anterior/posterior arch length discrepancies.


Lower Arch Expansion – In recent years, mandibular expansion has been increasingly performed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

MJ Dental Lab does provide a majority of orthodontic appliances. Please contact us for more information.