Dentures are prosthetic teeth replacement for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. Dentures are available as full dentures and partial dentures.

What are Digitally Printed Dentures?


Digital Dentures – is a complete manufacturing process for the accurate digital production of removable dentures. Digital dentures use a software 3Shape to design and create a setup digitally. Using this software, it is possible to build a 3D dental restoration in a virtual space which allows to visualise the overall appearance, tooth shape and size, colour and tooth arrangement before the final denture is made.


Our digital dentures are incredibly precise and fit better than traditional dentures, thanks to a hi-tech technology. We build our digital dentures with precision and attention to detail to meet your exact requirements. Every contour of patient’s mouth, teeth, and gums can be tracked and used to give you a perfectly fitting dentures that look natural and feel comfortable.

Easy Process


Adjustments can be made at any stage, and a record of each step can be reproduced and viewed if required.

Patients love the smooth process and the fact that they can take home precise try-ins the same day.


Benefits of 3D Dentures:


  • Better fit
  • More comfortable
  • Minimal adjustment needed
  • Precise at try-in